Bill and Ria - Sharing experiences about life, parenting, and Down Syndrome
Bill and Ria - Sharing experiences about life, parenting, and Down Syndrome

About Bill and Ria
In this blog, we share our experiences and thoughts on day to day life and parenting, mostly in relation to Down syndrome. Our son happens to have Down syndrome.

We could have chosen a catchy domain name or one that immediately gives people an idea of the content of the blog. But in the interest of simplicity, Bill and Ria should be easy enough for our avid readers to remember. This is mainly an e-journal to make it easy for family and friends to keep in touch. At the same time, we hope to:

reach out to and inspire other individuals and families who love someone with Down syndrome
provide valuable insights and awareness about raising a child with Down syndrome
provide valuable resources, a broad network of support, and a platform for communicating with other families who advocate for their kids who have Down syndrome
simply, make new friends
We do not endorse products. We do not offer medical or professional advice. Just our experience and hopefully some entertainment and inspiration.

About Our Family
Bill and I are blessed with a wonderful son, Matthew, who has Down syndrome. He has made our world so much richer and taught us to appreciate life more. Our family (and extended family) is a quintessential melting pot of nationalities (American, Filipino, German, Czech, Japanese, Thai, and Korean), cultures and personalities. Being different is how we live best. Matthew is the exclamation point that diversity is good and beautiful.

Please feel free to contact me via email. I would love to hear from you.

About Toy Review Tuesday
Every Tuesday, I write about our experience with a toy. This review is not to be construed as an endorsement of the product nor do I intend to put pressure on parents to purchase the toys reviewed.
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